A Through the Breach Actual Play Podcast

Hello New Cool Kids!

So glad you decided to pay us a visit! We have a few more irons in the fire that we can’t wait to show off in May. Until then, enjoy Soulstory!

We recommend starting at Episode 1: Al Gets Laid if you want to listen from the beginning. If you want a shorter listen, check out our Halloween Special: Dark Carnival- don’t worry it has nothing to do with the main campaign so you won’t be lost. (Pst, those Episode Titles are Hyperlinked for your ease!)


The Show

In Soulstory, we will be playing the Through the Breach role playing gaming. It is set in the world of Malifaux created by Wyrd Games.

Listen as the crew explore a world set in the 1890's where magic meets steam power! Monsters and demons roam the area but they aren't the only dangerous ones. They will have to cut the red tape of bureaucracy, clean up the mess of a missing woman, and test the bonds of their new found friendship.

Season One begins with the city of Malifaux being overrun by rats. These aren't your typical rats, however. The size of large dogs, these rats seem emboldened as they sneak to the surface and attack the innocent civilians. Most of our crew works for the Guild but with the rising chaos perhaps they will break away from the infamous law enforcers.

The Fated



Benji aka BammBamm

If we were a boy band, BammBamm is the pretty one. His silky voice lends well to Albert Long, a flirt first ask questions later bounty hunter.



Logan plays Rosa, a woman on the run masquerading under a fake name. He also has the hard hard job of trying to make sure we don't become 'that kind of podcast' (we just can't help it, Al love himself some brothels!)


Robert aka Moose

Our resident Malifaux expert, Moose's input has been invaluable in the creation of Soulstory. His knowledge lends well to the aging Dr. Felix Hyde. Dr. Hyde may work for the Guild but during his off hours he hidings a growing talent for magic.



Jared Canaan is the involuntary Dad of the group, patiently allowing the children to find shenanigans and cleaning up after them. This is also Spencer in the real world. We love our Dad. Spencer also helps in some of the writing! Keep an eye out for his writing credits.


Alex 'The Fate Master'

The Lady of Ceremonies herself, Alex is here to guide the crew through the story. She produces, writes, and edits for the show. She is a Disney Princess with an Evil Queen mind.