Halloween Special: Dark Carnival (5 *Finale*)

You're listening to Soulstory's inaugural Halloween Special! Listen as Moose takes over being the Fatemaster guiding Spencer, BammBamm, Logan, and Alex through the Dark Carnival. Spencer will be playing Stewart- a reporter seeking the truth. BammBamm will be playing James Matthew- the son of a banker dreaming of his name on a marquee. Logan will be playing Donovan- an academic wrapped up in a dangerous game. Alex will be playing Darling Mystery- a burlesque performer seeking a pay raise.

Dark Carnival (5) is the long awaited finale of Soulstory's inaugural Halloween Special! Does Mercury leave with Darling? What happens in the Big Top? All that and more in the grand finale of Dark Carnival.

Don't forget, the Soulstory Cast will be recording a Halloween Q&A November 5th. Please send us your questions, comments, and theories on facebook, twitter, and instagram. You can also email them to us at soulstorypod@gmail.com .

All music found on Free Music Archive. Outro Music found on Soundcloud.