Tutor Tuesday: The Guild

Malifaux is a big world already packed with lore and legends. Part of the allure of this role playing system is the story element built into the game. When playing the tabletop strategy game, Malifaux, you have to pick your faction and a crew to fight for your faction. In our Tutor Tuesdays we will cover the characters that make up each faction.

They exist in our universe and if you listen carefully, you may hear them pop up in our own crew's story. This week we learn about The Guild- an infamous government organization built to protect the people as much as they are to protect the distribution of Soulstone.

We read from MALIFAUX Vol 1 created by Wyrd Miniatures written by Volker, Caroland, Emick, Jones, and Weber, published March 2010.

All music was found on Free Music Archive.

Blue Dot Sessions. "Slow Dial." Cauldron,  2018.
CRTVTR. "I Could Be Her." Streamo, 2016.
Blue Dot Sessions. "Villano." Cholate, 2018.
Loyalty Freak Music. "Sweet They." MELODIES WITH A BEAT, 2018.

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