Non-Player Characters (NPCs)

Atticus Balcazar is a man of many hidden talents. Once a bounty hunter in Spain, he came to Malifaux to start the monster hunting business. Turns out the monsters in Malifaux are quite terrifying however. He is glad to skim some off the top through his business Balcazar Bonds. Albert Long, notorious bounty hunter known throughout Earthside thanks to his popular serial, works frequently with Atticus. The bondsman can be found constantly twirling his mustache as it is the one thing he is truly proud of.


Al has been sweet on Alice for some time now although neither pretend to be more than they are. Alice works at The Three Sisters brothel in the eastern slums. The youngest of the acclaimed sisters, she is as sweet as honey and talks as smoothly. Being a sex worker has never been her dream however. Over the years she has been lifting this and that from her johns determined to reach her goals. Her flowing red hair was enough to grab Al’s attention but does Al have what it takes to keep hers?

Sargent Samuel Moore and Lillian Moore: TBA

Timothy Miller: TBA

Johnny (Owner of The Thorn Public House): TBA

Brecca Hayes:

If you’re looking for trouble Brecca has beat you to it. Wherever this spitfire goes, mischief is sure to follow. Brecca Hayes ran away from the family farm in the search of adventure. She has traveled across America’s West in a traveling circus, drank with the Wild Bunch, and often finds herself with more wallets than she remembered carrying. It was only natural that her wanderlust would bring her to Malifaux. One can most often find her at Thorn Public House trying to make friends with the biggest guy only to instigate a fight once she is bored. Jared is her best friend and keeps a close eye even when he thinks he is the one protecting her.

Peggy McDonnell (Owner of McDonnell’s Mercantile):

McDonnell’s used to be owned by Peggy’s husband until his passing. The general store was on the cusp of collapse but after Mr. McDonnell’s heart attack business has soared. Peggy greets each customer with a smile, wecloming them in as if they were paying her a visit at her home. She likes to help where she can and is usually up for a good go at bartering. Odd how her mood seems to have improved since her husband’s passing though. Every one handles grief differently.

John Muller (Owner of GUNS):

All that is known of John Muller is that he is a retired US Marine. He keeps his salt and pepper hair short and maintains a well groomed mustache. He is a man of few words and stays tight lipped about his past. Not a lot of people patron his establishment despite the merchandise. His prices are fair but product rarely moves. You can see him through the window always cleaning one gun or another. John never leaves his seat, locking his gaze on to the door as if always waiting to see someone. When you walk in you swear you see disappointment on his face but maybe that’s just how his face sits.

Mabel Smith (Owner of From the Fire):

Mable was the apple of her master’s eye. He had trained his apprentice day and night as she never tired of their craft. If she had stayed Earthside she would have made a swell Southern Belle. However, Mable heard the siren call of Malifaux and took the plunge all too eager to learn something her parents would have turn their nose at. When her master died of old age she inherited From the Fire and has maintained it’s reputation as the best smithy in Malifaux proper.

Hattie Cox (Employed by From the Fire): TBA

Luca Bennett (Owner of The Clothing Emporium): TBA

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